Software = Art

Achieving the highest level of experience and design is an art – attempted by many, enjoyed by few, achieved by only a handful.

The reason why most software efforts fall short? There is not enough attention to design, to user interaction, and to selecting the right instruments to orchestrate the best results. A product visionary, similar to a composer, must have mastery of the tools and their capabilities in order to arrange a fluid and highly successful production. Santa Monica Software’s leadership has over 20 years of experience composing software that does more than just work.

New Ventures


Santa Monica Software specializes in working with start up company ventures. Why? Simple – that’s where we can help the most. With a founder that has built successful start ups ever since there were start ups, Santa Monica Software provides the right experience for planning, designing, and building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for new business ventures.

Design That Won't Wipe You Out


To stand out in today’s market, your concept needs a unique and superior design, but at the same time you must preserve enough money to actually build the product. Santa Monica Software specializes in efficiency, using best of class, industry standard design tools for a high quality design that’s extraordinary and affordably achieved – Mobile, Desktop, or Web.

Technology Production


Today’s software development initiatives are not simple projects – they are full scale productions. After the concept, features, and plans are solidified, the next step required is assembly of “the crew” to make it come to life. With over 20 years experience producing major software development, we can lead and assemble a team specialized in the technologies you need.


Here’s what we do

Start Ups

From Product Ideation to the development of a Min Viable Product and beyond, Santa Monica Software is the ideal partner for any start up looking to take a great idea to market.

For technical start ups, Santa Monica Software can serve as Operations, Product Management, Art Direction, and Development Management.


Software Design

Whether a new product, or a set of improvements to one already on the market, design is the crucial element to make sure your vision comes to life in a compelling, and cost effective, fashion.  Too many make the mistake to skimp on Design, UI, and UX, only to later face overhauls, re-works, or scrapping complete products. Heartbreaking!

Software Technology

The broad topic of software technology covers everything from development and development operations to production hosting and maintenance.

Santa Monica Software has serious expertise in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle – guiding, implementing, and overseeing as needed.

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SMS Logo

1047 11th St #1
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(424) 420-9479